How to bet on sports on BC.GAME

The blockchain has changed the way you see sports betting. Nowadays, it’s possible to bet on BC.GAME, and do it anonymously, thanks to the website and top-of-the-line encryption technology.

Step 1: You must start by registering on the website:

  • You have to start by registering on our website: BC.GAME.
  • You will be required to provide details, such as full name, address, email id, phone number, and other relevant information, to verify your identity and ensure that you are dealing with a genuine customer.
  • After verification, you can play games such as football betting using a virtual currency called BCN tokens which can be purchased with real money or won by playing games on the platform for free!
Step 2: There is a convenient reward system on the BC.GAME website!

Each game you play will bring you XP (experience), and every 100 XP will give you an extra spin in the wheel of fortune, where you can win a (very generous) bonus!

Now that you know how to bet and win, let’s examine the game’s rules.

Here are some essential tips:

  • The more games you play, the more XP (experience) you gain! Every 100 XP will give you an extra spin in the wheel of fortune, where you can win a (very generous) bonus!
  • To get your bonus and cash out your earnings from BC.GAME, go to the ‘My Account’ section after logging in and click on the “Withdraw” button.

Each transaction recorded in multiple copies so that it cannot be “erased” anywhere, and the results of all games played on BC.GAME are recorded on the blockchain and available for viewing at any time. This method thought to be the most transparent and fair because neither the player nor the casino can alter the outcomes of bets or games in general.

BC.GAME uses blockchain technology to record bets and results. Because there is no way for anyone involved in winning or losing money to be dishonest about anything related to gambling activities. The blockchain enables people to create a decentralise system where all transactions made instantly and directly between users who do not need to trust each other (like cheating). Making use of smart contracts allows you not only to keep track of every single transaction made but also automatically distribute winnings among players according to predetermined conditions set by them before making any bet(s).

Step 3:

To begin betting, it is necessary to choose from the selected types of sports on which you want to place a bet, as well as one of three odds systems: American, Hong Kong, or Decimal. The first odds system is the one that is most frequently used in the US, whereas the UK and Hong Kong utilise the Hong Kong odds system. Finally, decimal is the most common odds system being use in Europe. You can check out the newest trends on the blockchain.

Step 4:

After you have chosen a sport or team for which you would like to make a bet, click on one of the three odds systems and place your bet! You must enter your desired amount (seen in the lower-left corner of your screen).

If you win, BC.GAME will automatically send your winnings to your account as soon as possible after payout processing is complete. You can withdraw them from any payment terminal and even cash out offline!

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