Realm of T20 Cricket Betting Leagues Worldwide

Cricket is a popular game nowadays just because it’s vary formats like Test match, One Day Match and T20 Matches. It’s a nation pride for winning cricket tournaments which organized by ICC (International Cricket Council). Beyond the thrilling matches and iconic players, this sport has also given rise to a dynamic and rapidly growing industry – cricket betting leagues.

Here on this page, we will see the most prominent cricket betting leagues worldwide and diverse cultures that make these leagues a thrilling spectacle for both cricket enthusiasts and punters alike. Some of best betting cricket tournaments are;

Indian Premier League (IPL)

Undoubtedly the most celebrated cricket league globally, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has redefined the landscape of T20 cricket. Sports betting in India is rapidly growing. Here it is a brief statics of player of the series, winning money and about winner year by year.

YearWinnerPrize MoneyFinal Match VenueTeamsPlayer of the Series
2023Chennai Super KingsRs. 20 Cr Ahmedabad10 Shubman Gill
2022Gujarat TitansRs. 20 CrAhmedabad10Jos Buttler
2021Chennai Super KingsRs. 20 CrDubai8Harshal Patel
2020Mumbai IndiansRs. 10 CrDubai8Jofra Archer
2019Mumbai IndiansRs. 20 CrHyderabad8Andre Russell
2018Chennai Super KingsRs. 20 CrMumbai8Sunil Narine
2017Mumbai IndiansRs. 15 CrHyderabad8Ben Stokes
2016Sunrisers HyderabadRs. 20 CrBangalore8Virat Kohli
2015Mumbai IndiansRs. 15 CrKolkata8Andre Russell
2014Kolkata Knight RidersRs. 15 CrBangalore8Glenn Maxwell
2013Mumbai IndiansRs. 10 CrKolkata9Shane Watson
2012Kolkata Knight RidersRs. 10 CrChennai9Sunil Narine
2011Chennai Super KingsRs. 10 CrChennai10Chris Gayle
2010Chennai Super KingsRs. 10 CrMumbai8Sachin Tendulkar
2009Deccan ChargersRs. 4.8 CrJohhanesburg8Adam Gilchrist
2008Rajasthan RoyalsRs. 4.8 CrMumbai8Shane Watson

Big Bash League (BBL)

The Big Bash League (BBL) is a T20 tournament where plays the greatest cricketers from Australia & around the world. BBL has grown to be a popular destination for cricket punters looking for exciting matches with competitive odds. here are some of statics..

2022/23Perth Scorchers Brisbane Heat
2021/22Perth ScorchersSydney Sixers
2020/21Sydney SixersPerth Scorchers
2019/20Sydney SixersMelbourne Stars
2018/19Melbourne RenegadesMelbourne Stars
2017/18Adelaide StrikersHobarts Hurricanes
2016/17Perth ScorchersSydney Sixers
2015/16Sydney ThunderMelbourne Stars
2014/15Perth ScorchersSydney Sixers
2013/14Perth ScorchersHobart Hurricanes
2012/13Brisbane HeatPerth Scorchers
2011/12Sydney SixersPerth Scorchers

Caribbean Premier League (CPL)

With teams from the stunning West Indies islands, the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) adds a touch of the tropics to T20 cricket. The CPL has made a name for itself in the cricket world thanks to its entertaining environment, powerful batting, and the best bowlers. The unpredictable personality of the matches attracts cricket betting fans, making the CPL an exciting rivalry for those looking for excitement and profitable opportunities.


Most popular cricket betting leagues offer a thrilling blend of skill, strategy, and entertainment, drawing fans and punters from diverse corners of the globe. Each league brings something unique to the world of cricket betting, whether it’s the glitz and glamour of the IPL, the lively atmosphere of the BBL and the Caribbean flare of the CPL. These leagues promise to provide more amazing experiences and thrilling chances for both cricket fans and punters as the game’s landscape changes.

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